13/12/2018 - KING FUCKING SATAN album released in South America by American Line Prod
25/11/2018 - KING SATAN confirmed to Metalfestival Alleur event in Belgium to replace cancelled Le Cercle Winter Metal Festival!
21/11/2018 - Le Cercle Winter Metal Festival was cancelled
08/09/2018 - King Satan to Belgium & Le Cercle Winter Metal Fest in January 2019!
08/09/2018 - Last live show of the year confirmed to On The Rocks, Helsinki with FEAR OF DOMINATION
22/08/2018 - New merchandise (zipper hoodie) pre-ordering starts!
09/08/2018 - KING SATAN to Seinäjoki Metal Festival 2019!
08/08/2018 - Jyvaskyla & Lutakko show confirmed supporting TURMION KATILOT
06/07/2018 - KING SATAN to TalviHelvetti 2019!
20/07/2018 - ENTER BLACK FIRE Remix by MECHANIK PROJECT online!
01/07/2018 - KING SATAN confirmed to LOST IN MUSIC Festivals!
26/05/2018 European Tour Video Diary / Documentary Official trailer released!
18/05/2018 - KING SATAN to support HOCICO (MEX) in August in Finland
03/04/2018 - King Fucking Satan CD re-press out via Saturnal Records
19/12/2017 - New KING SATAN t-shirt design PRE-ORDER up and running now!
18/12/2017 - KING SATAN to Saarihelvetti 2018!
22/11/2017 - Finnish minitour confirmed to support 2 Times Terror!
28/10/2017 - More shows confirmed: KING SATAN to KAAOSFEST!
19/10/2017 - KING SATAN to MetalOrgy 2017 events in Helsinki and Tampere!
10/09/2017 - Full Q&A in Zero Tolerance Magazine!
30/08/2017 - King Satan interview at The Infidel Netwerk!
14/08/2017 - King Satan interview at KVLT Magazine!
30/06/2017 - King Satan signs Nem Agency for concert bookings in Finland!
30/06/2017 - New music video "Dance With The Devil" out now!
30/06/2017 - King Fucking Satan officially released in UK & Ireland!
29/06/2017 - Interview by Metal On Loud Online!
27/05/2017 - KING SATAN debut album released!
22/05/2017 - King Fucking Satan full album stream & pre-listen by Terrorizer
22/05/2017 - King Fucking Satan ennakkokuuntelu&kommentaari by Inferno
06/05/2017 - Official Album release party confirmed!
24/03/2017 - New music video & single: Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!)
07/03/2017 - King Satan to Nummirock Metal Festivals 2017!
15/01/2017 - King Satan to support Velvet Acid Christ (US) in their Finnish visit
15/11/2016 - King Satan to support Perturbator & Carpenter Brut!
01/11/2016 - King Satan confirmed to JKL Metal Fest!
18/10/2016 - First King Satan interview ever by the courtesy of Metal Hangar 18
10/08/2017 - First foreign concert confirmed to Gothic Fest Sofia, Bulgaria!
08/08/2016 - King Satan to support Pain (SWE) & Turmion Kätilöt!
10/07/2017 - First King Satan show ever in Saarihelvetti Festivals 2016!
10/06/2016 - New music video out now! Psygnosis!
26/05/2016 - King Satan signs to Saturnal Records!
20/12/2015 - First single and music video "Enter Black Fire" released!



King Fucking Satan
Saturnal Records, 2017/2018
Plastic Head Distribution, 2017 (UK & Ireland)

"King Fucking Satan" also available at



KING SATAN is industrial metal band founded in 2015 at Tampere, Finland by vocalist, composer & multi-instrumentalist KING ALEISTER SATAN. The music of KING SATAN is electro-industrial based metal music which draws its major elements from the dark side of electro, extreme metal and hard rock. Lyrical and aesthetic side of KING SATAN is taking many twists and turns between in-your-face preaching, satire and esoteric practice in the path that is almost exclusively inspired by the themes of occult philosophy, spiritual anarchy and rock’n’roll spirit.

KING SATAN started as a solo project of KING ALEISTER SATAN in 2015 but has then evolved into a full-line up band with strong emphasis on live shows as a part of the band’s artistic expression. First single and music video titled ”Enter Black Fire” was released in December 2015 which was part of three-song demo EP titled ”We Are King Satan And We Fuck The World” released month later in January 2016. The deal for the release of debut album was signed with Finnish underground record label SATURNAL RECORDS and the signing was announced by the release of second single and music video titled ”Psygnosis” in Summer 2016. First casted as actor to the music video of ”Psygnosis”, KATHERINE ”KATE” BOSS joined to the band for the task of keyboardist and second vocalist after the shootings and became very quickly another prominent creative force for KING SATAN’s music during the process of recording the debut album.

Third single from the upcoming debut album was released, titled ”Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!)” in March 2017 which like predecessor singles included a music video as well. Due to the success of the first singles KING SATAN was summoned to perform live which was when the full band line-up was recruited for the first time. First shows were carried out in Autumn 2016 starting from SAARIHELVETTI Festivals in Finland and GOTHIC FEST SOFIA in Bulgaria which was followed by series of support gigs for such bands as PAIN, PERTURBATOR, CARPENTER BRUT, TURMION KÄTILÖT and VELVED ACID CHRIST in the native Finland. This all happened before the release of the debut album which started rapidly building a reputation of a fierce and energetic live band.

KING SATAN's debut album titled "King Fucking Satan" (2017) was released 26th May 2017 via SATURNAL RECORDS world wide, excluding UK & Ireland which release was handled by PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION in 30th JUNE 2017. UK and Ireland release was escorted to the world by fourth single of the album together with a double music video that was made from the songs "Dance With The Devil" and ”Of Internal, Eternal & Spiritual War”. The music video was directed by KING ALEISTER SATAN, like all the music videos of KING SATAN has been either not only directed or co-directed, but also produced almost completely by the auteur spirit of the band’s mastermind.

The debut album caused at the same time both, lots of controversy and but also critical acclaim from the audience and critics due the over-the-top and genre-bending nature of the album’s music and themes. This however resulted the album’s first pressing of CD’s to become sold out quickly and increasing amount of live shows for the band during the becoming months. KING SATAN promoted the debut album starting from the prestigious NUMMIROCK METAL FESTIVALS 2017 and METALORGY 2017 which were followed by the band’s first Finnish tour (with 2 TIMES TERROR) and in April 2018 the band’s first European Tour including 13 shows in 10 countries around the Central Europe.

As of 2018, KING SATAN is KING ALEISTER SATAN in vocals and programming, KATHERINE BOSS in vocals and keyboards, DALAI DAIMONICUS in guitars, JERRY ROCK’N’ROLL in bass guitar and SIR CHANGA MCKENNA in drums. The band is currently in the studio making new material which will be out hopefully not in so distant future.






05/01/19 - ANS, Belgium (Metalfestival Alleur)
/w Desdemonia (LUX), Insomnia (BEL), Angakok (BEL)

24/11/18 - HELSINKI, Finland (On The Rocks)
/w Fear Of Domination, Stereo Terror DJ's

12/10/18 - JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland (Tanssisali Lutakko)
/w Turmion Kätilöt, Profane Omen

05/10/18 - TAMPERE, Finland (Lost In Music Festival 2018: Metal Export Finland)
/w Rytmihäiriö, Demonic Death Judge, Skein

17/08/18 - HELSINKI, Finland (On The Rocks)
/w Hocico (MEX), Evestus (EST)

11/08/18 - PERÄ-SEINÄJOKI, Finland (Selviytyjät Metal Festival)
/w Torchia, Bloodride, Black Royal, Invisible Enemy, Drearyym, Jari Tiura, Nemecic, Sapata, Walpughisnacht plays Sentenced

04/08/18 - TAMPERE, Finland (SaariHelvetti 2018)
/w Turmion Katilöt, Jinjer (UKR), Carach Angren (NL), Huora, Ajattara, Profane Omen, Helhorse (DEN), Callisto, Oceanhorse, Riddle Me This

21/04/18 - BAIA MARE, Romania (Shadow's Rock Club)

20/04/18 - BUCHAREST, Romania (Fabrica)
/w Drive Your Life (BUL), Deathrattle (ROM), UDDU (ROM)

18/04/18 - ARAD, Romania (Club Flex)

17/04/18 - BANSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia (Rock Club Tartaros)

16/04/18 - TRINEC, Czech Republic (Bar-Rock-o)
/w Marana (CZE)

13/04/18 - HERDORF, Germany (Rattenloch)

12/04/18 - CHAPELLE-LEZ-HERLAIMONT, Belgium (Le Cercle)
/w DJ NN (BEL)

11/04/18 - GENEVE, Switzerland (Champmesle)
/w Lecks Inc (FRA), Geisterwald (SUI)

10/04/18 - ZÜRICH, Switzerland (Ebrietas)

09/04/18 - MILAN, Italy (The One Live Club)
/w Rabid (ITA)

08/04/18 - ZAGREB, Croatia (Klub Močvara)

07/04/18 - VELENJE, Slovenia (Klub eMCe plac)
/w Sudoku Killer (ITA) /w UISL (SLO)

06/04/18 - HUNGARY, Budapest (S8 Underground Club)
/w End Of Paradise (HUN), Radzeer (HUN), BadRight (HUN), Subcortic (HUN), Pandas Of Princess (HUN)

02/03/18 - HELSINKI, Finland (Elmun Baari)
/w 2 Times Terror

01/03/18 - TAMPERE, Finland (Klubi)
/w 2 Times Terror

17/02/18 - VAASA, Finland (Kaaosfest / WS Areena)
/w 2 Times Terror, Thyrane, Nicole, Festerday, Judas Avenger, One Morning Left, Riffera, Extinction Process

16/02/18 - OULU, Finland (Hevimesta)
/w 2 Times Terror

26/01/18 - KOUVOLA, Finland (House Of Rock)
/w 2 Times Terror

06/01/18 - SEINÄJOKI, Finland (Bar 15)

16/12/17 - HELSINKI, Finland (MetalOrgy 2017 / Nosturi)
/w Turmion Kätilöt, Ruoska, Fear Of Domination

15/12/17 - TAMPERE, Finland (MetalOrgy 2017 / Pakkahuone)
/w Turmion Kätilöt, Ruoska, Fear Of Domination

24/06/17 - KAUHAJOKI, Finland (Nummirock Metal Festials 2017)
/w Devildriver (US), Raised Fist (SWE), Rhapsody (ITA), Anaal Natraakh (UK), Insomnium, Ajattara, Wintersun, Ensiferum, Gaahl's Wyrd (NO), Huora, Shade Empire & many more

26/05/17 - TAMPERE, Finland (Varjobaari)
/w Rodent Epoch, Horreur Chasseresse

14/04/17 - HELSINKI, Finland (Nosturi / Elmun Baari)
/w Carpenter Brut (FRA), Perturbator (FRA), Abyssion, Laserdrift, K-X-P, Sink

13/04/17 - TAMPERE, Finland (Pakkahuone / Klubi)
/w Carpenter Brut (FRA), Perturbator (FRA), Abyssion, Laserdrift, K-X-P, Sink

18/02/17 - TAMPERE, Finland (Jack The Rooster)
/w Velvet Acid Christ (US), Die Kur (UK)

20/01/17 - JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland (JKL Metal Fest 2017)
/w Arion, Whispered, One Morning Left, Vorna, Church Of Void + more

24/11/16 - TAMPERE, Finland (Klubi)
/w Pain (SWE), Turmion Kätilöt

29/10/16 - SOFIA, Bulgaria (Gothic Fest Sofia)
/w SHIV-R (AUS), Psycho Vision (POL), Gore (SPA) & more

27/08/16 - TAMPERE, Finland (YO-Talo)
/w Fear Of Domination, Satanibator

06/08/16 - TAMPERE, Finland (SaariHelvetti 2016)
/w Turmion Kätilöt, Shining (SWE), Horna, Deathchain, Ember Falls, Vorna, Bloodred Hourglass, Medeia, Convulse




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Plastic Head Distribution (UK & Ireland)

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